Timothy Corrigan

April 20th, 2013

Design Q&A with Timothy Corrigan

by Abby Stone

Design Q&A with Timothy Corrigan

Timothy Corrigan grew up in Los Angeles — in fact, he even lives in the same Hancock Park home he grew up in! —  but you'd be hard-pressed to guess that just by looking at his interiors.  Their design vocabulary, which has been described as "comfortable elegance," probably owes as much to his time abroad (including 7 years in Paris as the head of the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency in a previous life) as it does to his California roots. 


 "An American mindset with a European look," is how he once described his design philosphy and it's an accurate assessment.  Plop down in a chair, put your feet up on the coffee table, set down a drink wthout a coaster.  These are spaces for living, not just looking.            


Showcased in publications from Elle Decor to Architectural Digest, with clients ranging from movie stars to royalty, Corrigan is proof that not only can you go home again, you can do so in magnificent style.  And, given the example of his successful switch from top advertising executive to top interior designer, you can reinvent yourself in the process. 


What is your favorite design moment (house, restaurant, building, public space) in Los Angeles?

My favorite design moment in LA is a project I am currently working on in Beverly Hills: La Collina is a wonderful 1920's Mediterranean Revival villa designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann. It's rich with architectural details: vaulted hallways, painted coffered ceilings, wood-paneled rooms, all set on multiple acres with gorgeous views.  It is to die for!


Let’s pretend you have $400 to update a 250 square foot space, how do you spend it?

Let’s paint the walls a bright, fresh yellow with crisp white trim to liven the space up and make it feel sunshine-y bright.  Then go to your local Chinatown (or order online) a bunch of inexpensive white ceramic Chinese Figures and blue/white plates to hang on the walls.  You can get a lot of PUNCH without having to spend a lot of money!


Tell us a little bit about your window for LCDQ's (La Cienega Design Quarter) Legends of La Cienega event?

Using a spectacular 18th century painted and parcel-gilt boiserie paneled room as the backdrop for a mixture of exquisite pieces of furniture and accessories spanning four centuries, the window will be the quintessential example of “Timeless Design.” 50 years from now people will be able to identify each element in the window as a true classic of its respective period and a true testament to Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” (For LCDQ, Timothy will be taking over the window at Studio Workshops.  You can see it starting May 7th.


What 5 things would you put in a time capsule?  (NOTE: The theme of this year's LCDQ event is Time Capsule: The Past, Present and Future of Design).

- A laptop computer to show how primitive it will all seem in the future.

- Anything from Hermes — belt, handbook, accessory — timeless chic!

- A copy of my upcoming book, An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé,  in order to see if my design philosophy withstands the test of time!

- A piece of gold so that future generations can see what people used to value…by then,  water will be the most important commodity.

- A Hostess Twinkie.  They will still be as fresh and as moist as the day they were made!

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