Scottish School (1885 - 1915):

At the end of the 19th century, artists and designers in Glasgow and Edinburgh created unified decorative schemes in which architecture, interior design, furniture and fittings harmonized to produce an environment suitable for modern living. Characterized by its use of geometric forms and motifs. Straight lines dominate. Elongated form of designs is seen. Many obects feature highly stylized flowers. A limited color range based on subtle tones was used. Many works were concerned with symbolism, involving the exploration of the inner world of the psyche and spirit.


20th Century England Period (from 1901):

England basked in middle class prosperity during this time, and comfort with furniture to match. Often produced in large quantities, it drew heavily on fashions from the previous two centuries. Mahogony, rosewood and satinwood were particularly popular, often inlaid with ivory.  Art Nouveau and Art Deco Styles emerged during this period.

English Art Nouveau Chair



Source: The V&A Guide to Period Styles by Anna Jackson

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