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Author: by Emily Calderone

Timothy Corrigan Home Gleam Silver Polish and Luster Wood Cleaner and Polish

Featured item: AUG 16, 2007

Nothing's more satisfying than polishing everything in sight. All Timothy Corrigan Home products use a natural blend of vegetable-derived ingredients that will leave your home and the environment toxin-free. The bottles are also made from PET, which is recyclable.

Me? I like to get my polish on from time to time. Sometimes it's easy to go on a cleaning binge, if you're in the right kind of mood. But the other night when I tried Timothy Corrigan's wood cleaner and polish, I wasn't expecting to polish the entire wood bar in my kitchen (let alone the rest of the plywood furniture in my apartment). It went on so easy and gave my bar such a fresh glow that I couldn't stop myself. The next morning, when I described my cleaning frenzy, one of our other Sprig staffers said that Corrigan's Gleam Silver Polish had the same effect on her: Upon cleaning one silver bracelet, she took out her entire jewelry box and cleaned all of her silver. The best part is that the products won't make your eyes cross from the fumes most wood and silver cleaners give off, allowing you to polish things off with abandon. - Emily Calderone

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