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Author: Greet Lefevre

If I had a Château…

… I definitely would ask Timothy Corrigan to help me with the restoration and decoration of it !!

Timothy is one of my all times favorite designers and is mentionned on the Architecural Digest list of the World’s Top 100 Architects !

A lot of you know this famous designer, especially my readers from the US, but I wanted my Belgian and other European, or readers from around the world to meet Timothy and to discover his wonderful work.

Timothy grew up in Mexico and California and as an advertising executive he lived in Paris for several years. There he decorated his apartment and when it was completed, a friend asked Timothy to design his apartment. So Timothy discovered a new passion and made of it ,his, now successful, career.

Timothy Corrigan has an office in Los Angeles as well as in Paris and counts clients from Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

As well as having a good eye,Timothy has a huge knowledge of history and styles that one can feel and see, discovering his work.

To recognize interior design styles of different ages, is indelible if you want to restore ancient castles and houses. And next to that, you really need to be passionated about the earlier design styles and in the case of Timothy, especially about 18th century castles and buildings.

The restoration and decoration of a house is only successful if the owners feel that they can live in their house, that all the rooms are of a practical use.

As Timothy explains in an article at Architectural : “Even the most beautifully decorated room is not a total success unless you, your family and your guests feel that they can really live and use the room. A well-designed room is one that is both comfortable and elegant.”

These words reflect the slogan on his website “A world of comfortable elegance”.

I so love the work of Timothy Corrigan, I love his style, his respect for history and I might think that Timothy has a preference for the French 18th century architecture and design, as I have.

Interviewed by Diane Dorrans Seaks, Timothy said : “ For a dream dinner I would invite LXIV of France, because he really is the inventor of style as we know it today. He is directly responsible for France being the center of fashion, fragrances, fine furniture and decorative arts for three hundred years!”

And I am so agree with him !!!

Timothy is also a knowledgeable antiques collector. Discover his collection on his website HERE.

   All the gorgeous realizations on his website, and publications in so many interior design magazines, are a real source of inspiration for my work! I have to admit that I am fairly influenced by the design of Timothy.

For more interesting read about Timothy Corrigan, I would refer to the blogpost of my blogger colleague and friend Diane Dorrans Seaks at the Style Saloniste, where she posted the interview she had with Timothy Corrigan. To read, click HERE.

Or of course at Timothy Corrigan’s website HERE.

Timothy ownes this gorgeous 18th century Château du Grand-Lucé, situated in the Loire Valley in France.



image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

18th century Château du Grand-Lucé – Loire Valley France, built as summer palace in the 1760s. It features 26 acres of formal gardens.


59image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

Timothy Corrigan

So, If I had a Château, I would love to ask Timothy to help me to create an entry hall as this one here.


And to create a “salon” as this one here at the Château du Grand-Lucé.

53 image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

And a dining room as this gorgeous one at the Château!

54image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

If I could sleep in this beautiful bedroom?! No doubt.

56 image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

Or in this one ? I certainly would !

55image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust


The following pictures are all rooms I very love! They are my favorites.

So enjoy!

5 image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust









I do love the wood paneling designed by Timothy.

I am truly inspired by these ones.



Isn’t that kitchen beautiful! Look at that chimney piece !!











A few weeks ago, I received an email of the Timothy Corrigan’s office announcing a video of Timothy’s apartment in Paris ! Oh my goodness, I had to see this ! And of course, I couldn’t expect anything else… the apartment, situated in a 18th century Haussman building, is just gorgeous !

And I was very pleased to see that Timothy is not only designing and restoring castles, but even apartments! However, this apartment seems to be of a larger scale than I am used to !


Living room at the Paris apartment.

Foto 4


Source photo of Video You Tube

Foto 2


Foto 1

Timothy at the balcony of his apartment.



64Source photo of Video You Tube 


For those who are like me and adore castles, please watch the videos of the Château du Grand-Lucé below!

 image source Architectural digest –photo credit Marina Faust

Château du Grand-Lucé

Click on image to watch the restoration of Timothy’s Château du Grand-Lucé !


Timothy tells about the restorantion of the castle.


Click on image to watch the landscaping of Timothy’s Château du Grand-Lucé !


Timothy tells about the landscaping of the castle.




And don’t forget to visit Timothy’s blog HERE !

If only I had a Château…

Timothy could help me with the renovation and my company Lefèvre Interiors could create all the required wood work. Wouldn’t that be great?

Special thanks to Elaine, director of Marketing/Products at Timothy Corrigan Inc. for always sendeng me the latest news about Timothy and his work, and for allowing me to use website pictures.




All photos : website Timothy Corrigan exept otherwise mentionned

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