The Enchanted Home.blogspot Designer Spotlight: Timothy Corrigan Part 1

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Author: Tina

Designer Spotlight: Timothy Corrigan Part I

I have long admired the work of Timothy Corrigan and think he is most definitely one of the most talented and gifted designers out there, hence the reason Architectural Digest named him one of the 100 most talented designers in the world! The post I did yesterday on the two incredible French chateaus that he restored, speaks for themselves. I am going to divide this post into two parts because I have a lot of pictures to share and its too many for one day (don't want to overwhelm the senses).
So for today I am featuring front entry and living room pictures. Tomorrow we will check out his dining rooms and bedrooms. I find his work so inspirational and I can look at these pictures over and over and not get tired of them. I love how timeless his rooms feel, that they have an "old new look" where not everything has to be perfect and sparkly...there is a lot of character to each of these rooms. His rooms are the kind of rooms that keep you wanting to dissect and study every little detail, absorb the beauty and make it your own. I would love to hear what you think and of course, if you have a favorite.....

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