Belgian Pearls An Invitation to the French Chateau of top designer Timothy Corrigan

Source: Belgian Pearls

Author: Greet Lefevre

 An Invitation to the French Château of top designer Timothy Corrigan



Yes, it is finally here! The book we all have been waiting for!

Timothy Corrigan’s newest book ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé, Decorating a Great French Country House’.


CoverCover  book ‘An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé’ by Timothy Corrigan – Rizzoli – Photographer Eric Piasecki


Timothy Corrigan is one of my all times favorite designers who not only recognizes interior design styles of different ages, he really is passionate about earlier design styles and knows all about 18th century castles.

As being an avid student of French architecture and design history, in 2004, Timothy purchased the historic French Château du Grand-Lucé, located outside of Paris, in the Loire Valley in France.

The beautiful images in this book show the efforts Timothy made to restore this historic landmark and to create a warm, inviting and livable country home he wanted to share with friends.

The initial major restoration took approximately 5 years!

If you are like me and you love to see and to learn more about 18th century casltes, this book is a MUST HAVE !

I already received my copy!

6Me, browsing Timothy’s book …

With respect to you Tim, for the tremendous work and huge efforts you made to restore this château to its former glory !

Congratulations !



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