Hadley Court An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé

Source: Hadley Court

Author: Leslie Wood

An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce by Timothy Corrigan is a must see book. Timothy Corrigan has been hailed as one of Architectural Digest’s AD 100 list for the past eight years. Corrigan is acclaimed for his uncanny ability to combine European elegance with California comfort. I had the great fortune of briefly meeting Timothy Corrigan last spring at a party during the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles. I also met Corrigan’s sweet assistant, Elaine Maltzman, who is an absolute delight.

Corrigan’s book is special because within its pages unfolds his story of his immediate connection and love affair with the eighteenth century Chateau du Grand-Luce in the Loire Valley in France. What I love most is that Corrigan loved the Chateau so much that he was relentless with French authorities to choose him, among many others, to purchase the Chateau and restore it to its original grandeur. Corrigan’s persistence paid off and he was granted the right to purchase the Chateau.

What resonates with me the most about Timothy Corrigan is his design philosophy of creating spaces that are imbued with that special quality of comfortable elegance. My mother decorated Hadley Court in a comfortable but elegant way and this is how I design my client’s homes today.

Corrigan concludes his lovely book with a story of how he ends his guests experience Chateau du Grande-Luce.  He sends his guests off for one last adventure in a hot-air balloon at sunrise to fly high above the Chateau and float over the beautiful countryside. The balloon usually touches down in a farm field and the last corks are popped and everyone is filled with an overwhelming sense of life. Corrigan’s final blessing to his readers is to make your home work for you and in turn it will help you do the same for all aspects of life.

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