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I know I am wearing the same outfit I had on with the DUCHESS of RUTLAND!

The book signings were on the same day!

I was still a bit jet lagged from my recent trip but had to see the lectures and meet the people who wrote the books!

Now with Mister Corrigans book I pre-ordered it on AMAZON and was extremely disappointed it had not come three days prior to the event.

It did turn up the day before, so I spent the morning reading and devouring the photos!

As I told him he had me at “COWS EVERYWHERE” page two!The man has put his heart and soul into restoring this gorgeous old chateaux in the Loire Valley in France.Not to mention a lot of money!

The chateau has something like 14 bedrooms, it had more but he took a few bedrooms and turned them into bathrooms as I do believe he said there were only three in the house when he purchased it in 2004.

The kitchen was in an out building as at the time of construction they were afraid of fires.So, that was a bit tricky getting the French government to okay a kitchen in the house as that was not how it was made!

Strict rules had to be followed and a lot of research.I instantly liked this man as he likes to invite people to stay at the Chateau who do not know one another…….and do you know what he does to break the ice?He has a Scavenger Hunt the first night!

He also hangs chandeliers in the garden!Who do you know that does that too???

He has a theatre on the grounds and has yet to have a production!I of course, volunteered to put on a show.

Do you know what he wrote in my book?

“LA CONTESSA, please come and put a show on at the Chateau!”

I better start thinking about my production and how many people and costumes and sets cause would it not be nice to head back to France in the SPRING and  partake in a SCAVENGER HUNT and sip cocktails in the garden under chandeliers and put on the first production at the magnificent CHATEAU GRAND ~ LUCE!

Heather,will you be the STAR?

Just see how fast I could pack those bags!

People this would make a GREAT CHRISTMAS gift for those of us who adore INTERIORS.


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