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Author: Blue Carreon/Photos Eric Piasecki

A Conversation With Interior Designer Timothy Corrigan
Posted: 04/09/2014  By Blue Carreon

Last fall, the interior designer Timothy Corrigan launched his book An Invitation To Chateau du Grand-Luce which chronicled the restoration of his stately home in France's Loire Valley. The book was accompanied by lush photographs of the chateau and the grounds which had readers begging for a weekend invitation. This month the LA and Paris-based Corrigan is launching his new line of rugs and fabrics inspired by his love of French style.

Below I talk to the interior designer about style, nature and technology.

When I wake up... I, without fail, wish that I could sleep a little longer.

Before I go to bed... I recount all of the things for which I am grateful... it beats counting sheep every time!

A well-dressed man... is someone who knows what does (and perhaps more importantly) does not, look good on him.

Women should always... have been a part of the world of business as they bring wonderful values to the workplace

Men should never... forget that showing emotions can be a sign of strength.

The best thing that's been said about me... is overstated by at least ten-fold.

The biggest misconception about me... is that I am a gourmand of any kind. My nieces and nephews call me "Junkfood Man".

If I weren't doing what I'm doing today... I would be a landscape architect; as each year passes I yearn to be in nature more and more.

My legacy... I would like people to come to understand the positive connection between one's surroundings and their well-being.

A great idea... is one that you don't regret the next morning.

Botox is... great if it makes you feel one ounce better about yourself.

My mother... was beloved by more people than I could have ever imagined.

The soundtrack of my life... Rodrigo's Concerto to Arunjez. I try to live my life with that level of passion and depth. It is a soaring piece of music that never fails to move me.

The future... is fine, but today is what really matters.

Happiness... for me is continuing to explore and learn new things.

There's a time and place for... cellphones and it is not at a dinner table. It drives me mad when people start texting or reading email at a table of friends or family.

There is too much... electronic communication and not enough human connection.

In the end... all that matters is the love that we have shared with others.

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