Remodelista Weekend Update: Legends of La Cienega Recap

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Author: Julie Carlson


Weekend Update: Legends of La Cienega Recap by

Issue 19 · Working It · May 18, 2014

Last week we headed to LA for the annual three-day Legends of La Cienega design festival, featuring nonstop panels and parties and window vignettes by a range of designers (the theme this year was Novel Interiors, with designers taking inspiration from classics like A Moveable Feast). Here are a few snapshots of things we spotted (and admired).

Some favorite quotes from the panel discussions:

• "I tell my clients that framed family photos don't count as art." —Timothy Corrigan

• "Our main job is to educate the public about the power of original design vs. knockoffs. If you're looking for inexpensive design, Ikea does a great job." —John Edelman, CEO of Design Within Reach

• "Working with Philippe Starck changed everything. Overnight, we went from the Navy chair to being a design company." —Gregg Buchbinder, CEO of Emeco 

• "Rooms should look evolved, not installed." —Timothy Corrigan

• "Don't start with the carpet. That's how you end up with a decorated look." —Betsy Burnham

• "Is the shelfie the new selfie? —Alison Clare Steingold, C Magazine

"A house is like a face. If it's got good bone structure, you just need a bit of makeup. If it doesn't, you need plastic surgery." —Martyn Lawrence Bullard


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