Scene & Heard: Behind the Scenes in the AD Greenroom, September 2007

Source: Scene & Heard: Behind the Scenes in the AD Greenroom

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "This room is just fantastic." Tina Fey(to Julia Louis Dreyfus): "Hey, this is the guy in charge of the Greenroom so you better say nice things about's beautiful...really, just stunning." Jennifer Love Hewitt: "Oh I think it's gorgeous." Ray Romano:"...this room is beautiful..." Eva Longoria: "Love, love the room...and this (banquette)is perfect for me to perch on 'cause my feet are killing me." Marcia Cross: "LOVE the pouf...the pouf is great." Stanley Tucci: "You guys (AD) did this room? It's just fantastic!" Cecily Tyson: "The Greenroom is just exquisite ... really ... my friend got some wood paneling from one of these old buildings they were about to tear down and she got them one by one and hung then in her apartment in NY. Who knew it would turn out so beautiful? It reminds me of this wood paneling, which is simply gorgeous." The Drexel slipper chairs covered in the light green Scalamandre were favorites of Entrourage's Adrian Grenier, and Cecily Tyson and her fellow "Roots" castmates John Amos and Levar Burton enjoyed them as well (they were so comfortable, nobody wanted to get out of them!) Grenier had to be asked by a producer to put down his coffee, get out of the Drexel chair and back in his seat out in the house..and after being asked twice, reluctantly did. The throng of 28 Sopranos cast members and producers were a tight squeeze back in the AD Greenroom which held about 30 people max before they took the stage for their tribute.

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