www.Freshome.com, May 2008

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Home Interior Design by Timothy Corrigan One of the easiest ways to get lots of home interior decoration ideas is to simply surf the internet. On the internet almost everything is free and in these days every single day more and more new content is uploaded, so if you want to feed your home interiors inspiration the internet is the best place. Now if you want a little more help before you start I would like to suggest two articles that might give you some useful informations 7 Most Important Interior Design Principles and Room Color and How it Affects your Mood. After you have the basic idea, you can start to search for pictures with home interiors to feed your imagination. Now I know that most people have their problems, and I've decided to post from time to time a collection of home interiors from different designers. For today I've selected Timothy Corrigan a man who started designing houses for himself in his free time, and when he started getting requests for his help from friends, Corrigan recalls, I've decided to follow my heart and moved into that world. If you want to see more home interiors by Timothy you can check his portofolio. Click here to link to Freshhome.com: www.freshhome.com/tag/timothy-corrigan/

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