Architectural, November 2010

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30 Designer Secrets in 30 Days

Timothy Corrigan
On Comfort and Practicality

November 2010

Don’t forget about comfort and practicality.

Even the most beautifully decorated room is not a total success unless you, your family and your guests feel that they can really live in and use the room. A well-designed room is one that is both comfortable and elegant. With the exception of an accent chair here or there, the primary objective of all seating should be comfort. Too often chairs and sofas are great to look at but not the place to sprawl out and read the newspaper. It’s also important that the upholstery fabric you select for seating should feel good to the touch so that it invites people to come and enjoy the room.

And don’t forget that comfort is more than just how something feels when you touch it or sit on it—comfort is also a state of mind! Do you have to be worried about whether the kids spill fruit juice on the sofa? Are you afraid that the glass is going to leave a ring on the table? In high traffic areas of your home, consider using outdoor fabric for upholstery, slipcovers or even drapes and use marine varnish on table-tops so that you can really enjoy the beautiful home that you have created for your family.

You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful room for one that is truly livable.

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