Mercury News, October 2013

Source: Mercury News

Author: Kathryn Loosli Pritchett

Gathering next week at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show will be dealers, designers and world-class collectors. One of the event's goals is to show how the past can inform and enrich our present spaces.

Los Angeles designer Timothy Corrigan, who will speak at the show, agrees on that point. "Antiques are a reliable investment, because they've already had their markdown," he says. "You know that the day after you've bought them, they'll be worth what you paid for them."

Corrigan will be talking about his new book, "An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House" (Rizzoli), in which he shares behind-the-scenes looks at the chateau he bought from the French government and then spent 10 years renovating and decorating -- with a mix of antique and modern items. "Using furnishings that are all from the same period doesn't feel fresh," he says. "It looks like you've created a museum. Also, when you mix periods, styles and textures, you appreciate each piece more because of the contrasts."

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