, January 2016


Author: Jacqueline Terrebone

Ever wish you could have just three minutes of elevator conversation with your favorite designer? We do. So at our AD100 party last month, we took over an especially sleek elevator at the Whitney Museum of Art to host a series of brief (yet juicy) interviews with our 2016 honorees. When did you realize you were destined for a career in design? What trend do you wish would just go away? What was your biggest design disaster? What’s your guilty pleasure? We asked all the questions you want to know. Watch our exclusive videos to find out who stores linens in the stove, who dreams of designing a mausoleum, who spilled a gallon of black paint just moments before the client arrived for a viewing, and who has “hundreds of guppies in tanks” (we’re not sure if he was serious).

Check them out here: AD100 Elevator Interviews

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