, October 2019


Author: Blue Carreon

The New Elegance: Stylish, Comfortable Rooms For Today by Timothy Corrigan

The New Elegance

For his first book in 2013, Timothy Corrigan shared with us his passion project - the restoration of his storied French chateau. He has since sold that chateau and is currently restoring another one. While we wait for the detailed account of this second restoration, Corrigan has given us his second book which compiles his most recent projects all over the world as well as his own homes in Los Angeles and Paris. Corrigan signature flourishes like fine antiques, figurative sculptures, obelisks, and a finely balanced mix of the formal and informal can be seen in the homes in the book. What Corrigan’s book does is induce envy because there in those pages is the designer’s tony decorating style in impressive settings that include a Haussman building in Paris, a country cottage in the rich suburbs of Chicago, a grand mansion in Palm Beach and an elegant townhouse in London. Oh to be a weekend guests at these places!


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