December 17th, 2019

Château Progress: A Sneak Peek with Timothy Corrigan

Readers rejoice! In response to many requests, Susanna Salk’s and my latest video is a special sneak peek of Timothy Corrigan’s progress in renovating Château de la Chevallerie, his “new” 18th century home in the French countryside. We recently visited Tim in his Los Angeles office where he shared his creative color process and design concepts for the chateau. Join us behind the scenes to learn many of the decisions involved in bringing Timothy’s sleeping beauty back to life!

Using Benjamin Moore paints throughout the entire chateau, Tim shares his design vision, including many of his own designs from SchumacherPerennialsFromental and Kyle Bunting (coming soon).

Timothy Corrigan design concepts for the chateau

Last year we visited Timothy at the chateau to glean a sense of the “before” and capture not only the exquisite details of the existing structure and property but the massive undertaking he was facing, in updating the chateau for the 21st century. You may want to revisit (or watch if you haven’t before) to put Tim’s design decisions into context.

But this is not Timothy’s first chateau rodeo – he has expertly renovated several before. You may remember visiting his last French country house, Chateau du Grand-Lucé, with us, a 40,000 square foot national landmark that Tim lovingly transformed into a warm and welcoming home.


And for all you Francophiles or design mavens who can’t get enough of our visits with Tim, be sure to watch (or rewatch) our At Home with video chez Timothy in Paris at his beautiful 19th century apartment. You’ll get design tips for creating more visual space, stylish storage and sophisticate paint combinations with advice for mixing and displaying art.


So thank you Timothy for taking the time to share your progress and process for the chateau! We can’t wait to return next year to share all your amazing work!

Timothy Corrigan chateau detail-1

Timothy Corrigan chateau-1
all photos by Stacey Bewkes for Quintessence